5 Hot New Restaurants in Cave Creek

5 Hot New Restaurants in Cave Creek

  • Roger Banning
  • 09/12/22

The restaurant scene in Cave Creek, Arizona is unique. This is largely due to the reputation of Cave Creek being so straightforward. It’s a charming Western town that was forged by cowboy saloons, biker bars, and cozy cafes. The dining scene strongly reflects the hardy spirit of the Old West upon which the city was founded.

That means you can experience a variety of unusual, historic dining experiences featuring a blend of vintage settings, flavors, and dining styles. From old-school Mexican cantinas to authentic Sicilian pizza bistros, Cave Creek has a blend of everything. You can find Southwestern delicacies, delectable steaks, ranch-style BBQs, and nostalgic comfort cuisine. As a result, it draws hundreds of locals and out-of-towners each year.

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What’s it Like Living in Cave Creek?

The tenacious spirit of the Old West runs in practically every fiber of Cave Creek’s existence. Not only do you see it reflected in the restaurant scene, but you’ll also see a blend of it everywhere else.

For a quick overview, Cave Creek has plenty of nice schools, warm weather, and fun activities to keep you and the family entertained and content. It offers a slower pace of life than many other popular cities in the state which is highly attractive to retirees, families, and even career-driven individuals who prefer a relaxed lifestyle. Expect a bit of a rural atmosphere when you live in Cave Creek, which is much unlike the urban Phoenix.

The population of Cave Creek is a bit more than 5,500 and has seen a stable increase over the years. It’s a popular area for retirees. It also has significantly lower crime rates than the national average.

That being said, the cost of living in Cave Creek is a bit higher than the national average. This is primarily due to the local housing market, where the cost of a house is a lot pricier than the national average. It’s normal to see homes in Cave Creek priced well above $600,000, or $240 per square foot. Still, homeownership is prevalent. Cave Creek is made up of mostly homeowners rather than renters, so you can expect most of your neighbors to own their homes.

5 Cave Creek Restaurants You Have to Check Out

1. Stumblina’s Cantina

6268 E Cave Creek Rd Ste 1

Photo courtesy of Stumblina's Cantina

Like a lot of the dining options in Cave Creek, Stumblina's Cantina is a western-style bar and restaurant. It stands out with its sultry ambiance, helping transform your dining experience into one of an authentic, historic period. The entrance to the cantina is accessible only by passing through the saloon doors.

When you visit, you can get a craft beer or cocktail at the bar or simply enjoy a nice bottle of wine at the traditional western bar. Feel free to relax and get comfortable. There is plenty of seating inside or space to enjoy the outdoor balcony.

2. Pomodoro Italian Grill and Seafood

6710 E Cave Creek Rd

When you visit this Italian grill, you’ll notice that it’s much more than just a posh eatery. Pomodoro was founded by Phil Igneri along with the husband-and-wife duo Federico Venturini and Chef Viola Tagliaferri. The Grill strives to represent its founders’ simple desire to spread their Italian history and genuine love for hospitality through the Cave Creek community.

This restaurant strives for authenticity in every bit of its dining experience. That includes the decor and the imported Italian foods that supply the menu. Everything in this eatery has been painstakingly designed to curate a friendly, welcoming, warm dining experience for patrons.

3. Confluence Restaurant

36889 N Tom Darlington Dr

If you’re looking for flavor and healthy options, then Confluence is a great choice. This restaurant is dedicated to providing flavorful, healthy choices for its patrons. A la carte ordering is available, but the menu is designed to be shared across a number of courses and tastings.

According to their site, Chef Brandon strives to make this restaurant distinctive and special in the neighborhood. The wine menu is full of international choices, with a manageable by-the-glass option to allow you to taste all your favorite wines. When you dine here, expect plenty of mouth-watering veggies, many of which are acquired locally.

4. Mountain View Pub

7033 E Cave Creek Rd

In the center of Cave Creek, Arizona, there is an adorable pub called Mountain View Pub. As its name implies, this pub has a lovely view of the nearby mountains to enhance your visiting experience. This pub is also a dog-friendly spot, and it’s family-friendly, so don’t feel like anyone has to be left out.

Mountain View Pub has a wonderful exterior patio where they host live music on the weekends. You can enjoy the view, the drinks, and the food while you listen to the artist of the night. Mountain View Pub has an extensive menu providing plenty of traditional American dishes as well as Irish classics. Enjoy the refreshing drink menu, which includes imported beers and house margaritas.

5. Ofrenda

7100 E Cave Creek Rd #151
(480) 488-2187

According to their site, “The Ofrenda '' is an offering. It’s meant as a type of gift “to those that have come before us and those we remember. This represents time spent, food enjoyed, and beverages poured together.” This new Cave Creek restaurant is a grille serving Latin-inspired dishes, offering guests a well-rounded menu full of flavors gained from their wood-fired oven and authentic spice blends.

Authentically Latin, expect a blend of modern and traditional preparation techniques on all your food and drinks. Ofrenda provides some of the best agave spirits in the entire state of Arizona, so be sure to check out their quality cocktails and delicious margaritas.

Other Great Eats in Cave Creek

El Encanto

6248 E. Cave Creek Rd.
(480) 488-1752

While it’s not a new restaurant, it’s definitely worth visiting. El Encanto is one of those places that all the locals recommend when you visit from out of town. It serves authentic Mexican cuisine in a traditional setting. El Encanto is decorated with classic hacienda and stucco walls and arches, as well as vibrant Mexican tile.

Savor lunch or dinner inside or out on the covered patio surrounded by the garden and pond with a waterfall. Keep an eye out for ducks and turtles or even a blue heron that might stop by as you eat.

Big Earl’s Greasy Eats

6135 E. Cave Creek Rd.
(480) 575-7889

If you’re looking for a retro diner, then you want to swing by Big Earl’s, which is currently located in what used to be a gas station. This is widely considered a landmark in Cave Creek — a “sightseeing” location — and it more than lives up to its reputation as the last location where you can find an "honest" hamburger.

At Big Earl’s, you can enjoy fresh-baked buns, hand-chopped lettuce, fresh tomatoes, real mayonnaise, and hormone-free, all-natural meats and poultry. The all-beef hot dogs come with a variety of toppings, including jalapenos if desired. Make sure you try their sides, including the sweet potato fries, mac 'n cheese bites, and fried zucchini.

Local Jonny’s

6033 E. Cave Creek Rd. 
(480) 488-7473

When you eat at Local Jonny’s, you can trust that all the components on your plate are sourced locally. If they aren’t from Arizona specifically, then they’ve been sourced by the nearby Southwest. This is a promise that co-owners Jon Oughterson and Lauren Van Winkle make to all their patrons who dine in their restaurant.

This cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you can swing by whenever you’re hungry for locally-sourced foods. They specialize in burgers, salads, a few Mexican dishes, and pasta dishes. If you show up for breakfast, then enjoy the traditional breakfast options like eggs, bacon, sausage, seasoned potatoes, and toast.

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