Elements Your Listing Needs to Wow Buyers

Elements Your Listing Needs to Wow Buyers

  • Roger Banning
  • 09/3/23

As you’re preparing to list your luxury homes for sale in Grayhawk, Scottdale, you’ll want to begin to wow potential buyers even before they’ve set foot inside your residence for a private showing or open house. With the majority of buyers beginning their search online, you must capture their attention with a well-written, informative, and highly visual listing that stands out among the hundreds of other listings out there.

Yes, you will include several eye-catching photos of your home taken by a professional photographer, including the light-filled interior, the well-landscaped exterior, and even some drone shots that show how your home fits into its neighborhood, particularly if it’s a high-end residence on a golf course or a body of water. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and it’s also those well-crafted words in your listing that will help buyers get a feeling for the property and what it’s like to live there. You’ll be selling a lifestyle and location as well as the home itself, so your words need to shine.

Work with a pro

If you’re not sure where to start in putting together a listing, don’t worry.  You’ll want to hire a licensed real estate agent to lead the way in selling your home, and part of their duties will be putting their vast experience to work in assembling the listing. Top agents like Jeff Barchi and Roger Banning are tech-savvy and understand the Internet’s role in helping to sell homes. As you interview agents, ask them how they would market your home, including using various websites and social media accounts to both produce and promote your listing. Once you’ve found an agent you’re comfortable with, it’s time to get to work learning how to write a real estate listing.

Personalize your home

While your agent has all the know-how for selling real estate, you’ve lived in your home for several years and know what makes it special. Rather than getting bogged down with dry facts such as square footage and the number of bedrooms, which will be listed in the data fields anyway, bring the home to life with vivid descriptions of the great features and amenities as well as neighborhood attractions that buyers might not immediately be aware of by just looking at the photos in your listing.

It’s important to capture a buyer’s attention and imagination in the first few words to make them want to continue reading rather than clicking out of your listing and into the next one. Begin by mentioning the home’s most appealing features, such as an open floor plan that allows foot traffic to flow easily from room to room; the bright, airy kitchen equipped with all the latest smart appliances; and the living room with a breathtaking view of the distant mountains or the verdant fairways of a golf course.

Keep in mind the features that buyers are specifically looking for these days. They include a home office, hardwood floors, a chef’s kitchen, a rec room or extra room, and attractive and functional outdoor living spaces that include an outdoor kitchen. If your home has these features, highlight how they add to the enjoyment and convenience of living in the home.

It’s also important to mention external features such as how the home fits into the neighborhood, including whether it’s on a corner lot or in a quiet cul-de-sac. Mention nearby attractions such as trails for walking and biking, city parks and playgrounds, proximity to great schools, freeway access for commuting, and nearby upscale dining and shopping options.

Use accurate descriptions

Above all else, your property description needs to be accurate. Don’t say that the house is “pristine” if it needs some work, and don’t say that it’s “expansive” if it isn’t. Putting forth unrealistic expectations helps no one, especially since buyers will see the photos that accompany your listing and could be turned off by reality when they arrive to tour the home. If buyers truly know what to expect, they’ll likely begin thinking about how they can change or update the home if their offer is accepted.

Pick the right adjectives

Likewise, to hit on property listings that sell, you’ll want to be as descriptive as possible rather than using hyperbole or over-the-top phrasing. You can be creative and colorful in your descriptions, but trying too hard or using too many adjectives can turn off buyers or make them think you’re glossing over problems. Find that happy middle ground where you’re truly showcasing your home but not overselling it.

Use words that add value

Certain words can help boost your sales price if used properly in describing certain aspects of your home. Among these words are “luxurious” to describe amenities such as a spa-like bathroom with a steam feature and mood lighting; or “impeccable” for a kitchen that includes stainless steel appliances, high-end granite or quartz countertops, and designer lighting fixtures. If your backyard truly is “lushly landscaped,” then say so!

On the other hand, stay away from words and phrases such as “TLC,” “fixer-upper,” and “cosmetic” because that gives buyers the implication the home needs a lot of work and will give them room to negotiate the price.

Don’t forget a headline

Some real estate listings omit headlines. Going without a headline is a missed opportunity to attract buyers to your listing. It’s worth taking the time to write a tight yet punchy headline that sums up one or two of your home’s most appealing features.

Get writing today!

With this guide in hand and your knowledge and feel for your home, you’ll be able to start writing a property description that will go a long way toward selling your home. Likewise, partnering with experienced, top-producing agent Roger Banning will lead to a quick sale for top dollar.

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