Luxury Residential Communities in the Paradise Valley Area

Luxury Residential Communities in the Paradise Valley Area

  • Roger Banning
  • 07/12/22
With passion and commitment, Roger Banning has an eye for the finest properties in Scottsdale's Paradise Valley region. Being intimately familiar with the area's numerous spectacular luxury estate communities, he takes great satisfaction in sharing with his present and future clients a bit of what makes the area so special. Come join us on a tour of this remarkably enchanted town, and see just some of the innumerable reasons lovers of the luxury lifestyle have come to call it a paradise.

A true desert oasis

Located in Maricopa County, Paradise Valley occupies 15 square miles of beautiful sagebrush and wild grasslands surrounded by several impressive mountain peaks and ranges that serve to give the area an isolated feel despite being relatively close to Phoenix. As the wealthiest municipality in Arizona, the area has no shortage of fine dining, breath-taking views, and a surprisingly high number of resorts and clubs, considering its low population size and density.

Paradise Valley wouldn't be what it is today if the early settlers hadn't united to protect the developmental trends starting to take off in the mid-1900s. Sensing that the sprawling settlements between Phoenix and Scottsdale were escalating without purpose, the early residents of what became the modern Paradise Valley luxury estates petitioned Maricopa County to incorporate the town in 1961, when it became capable of enforcing zoning regulations aimed at shaping its future as a well-maintained getaway from the less directional overgrowth that was beginning to characterize many other Phoenix suburbs.

"Paradise" for a reason

Photo courtesy of Arcadia News
There is a reason they call this valley "paradise"; the region was used for cattle grazing throughout the 1800s due to its fertile pocket of grasslands, and the area is remarkably green for desert terrain. During the spring, Paradise Valley surprises newcomers all the more with its vast proliferation of wildflowers. The nearby and starkly impressive Phoenix Mountains Preserve further provides all the natural splendor one could hope for.

Even just at the base areas of the Phoenix mountain range, there is a near endless amount of exploration to undertake, with a wide network of easy-going paths, gathering spots, and invigorating mountain-biking trails from which you can gaze up at the stoic mountain peaks or outward into the scenic vistas beyond. At every point, visitors naturally feel the beautifully humbling sense of how expansive the surrounding landscape just might be. For a tough but enlivening challenge, fitness enthusiasts and nature-lovers alike set out for one of several summits via the steeply elevating trails – any one of which will quickly teach one firsthand why the early tribes who inhabited the region referred to one such peak as "Iron Mountain."

At the park's highest point, the aptly named Camelback, summit-goers who brave the difficult path are treated to breath-taking views of the endless mountain horizon around them – except for one small portion where the now-distant bustle of Phoenix can be seen from high above, offering a fresh new perspective on all that goes on below. Piestewa Peak offers another highly strenuous climb (and equally stunning views), while others choose one of the several more pleasant routes, such as through the Lookout and Shadow Mountain trails, and others still at North Mountain and Shaw Butte – all of which have a wide variety of trails ranging in difficulty levels, obstacles, and terrain.

When you've met your match and fully acquainted yourself with the landscape, it's time to explore the paradise in the town itself. Paradise Valley is truly a luxury lover's dream, having a population on the low side and yet hosting no shortage of resorts and amenities sure to satisfy even the most refined sophisticate. There are, in fact, eight full-service resorts located inside Paradise Valley (and even more just outside its borders), which earn the local economy a sizable profit as a renowned tourist destination for high net-worth individuals both nationally and internationally.

Charming storybook communities

There are several sub-communities within Paradise Valley, each with its own character. Each of its large-scale neighborhoods is lightly to moderately populated with working professionals, C-level executives, and well-to-do retirees. As such, there are a number of upscale retirement communities to match the private villas, estates, and ranch houses that comprise the bulk of Paradise Valley's housing. Most of the highest-value properties are evenly dispersed within each neighborhood, while more modest but still highly comfortable 3–5 bedroom homes can still be found closer to the main throughways. For example, the Mockingbird Lane Estates subdivision hosts a fair number of impressive architectural masterpieces built on the most prime and extensive landholdings, which tend to sell at around the $5 million mark – while closer to town, you'll find more functional but tasteful two-story properties in idyllic cul-de-sacs closer to the $1 million or half-million range.

There's a lot to offer anyone fortunate enough to call Paradise Valley home, and its modest population size means all enjoy a comfortable pace with room to grow. Proportionately, this serves to make the area's extremely large number of amenities seem simply vast by comparison. As mentioned, the region hosts a strong amount of tourism, especially as measured in financial terms – but the relatively small number of people who come and go does nothing to disrupt the tranquility that characterizes the community.

Major amenities, small population

Even larger luxury resort towns like you'll find in Hawaii or the east coast would be lucky to have resorts and clubs the likes of which you'll find here. Golfing enthusiasts especially see the term "oasis" as anything but a metaphor, and the area's golf clubs are surprisingly skilled with water-conservation techniques. We'll highlight just some of the courses that make Paradise Valley a golfer's paradise in particular.

Endless greenways

Located at the site of a former orange grove, Orange Tree Golf Resort's mindfully sustainable practices and reduced water usage earned them a Green by Design Award by the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. This doesn't make them any less serious about being the finest resort possible, fit to host even the most competitive golfers' ambitions – Orange Tree hosts many popular golfing tournaments and events throughout the year, and several of the holes are quite challenging. Luckily, they have equally world-class teaching staff and instructional clinics for those serious about upping their game.
Photo courtesy of GolfPass
Camelback Golf Club shares these eco-friendly values, having renovated their Ambiente Course in 2013 with conservation in mind – but of course, they took the time equally to hone playability to a fine degree. The Camelback courses are well-regarded for how they accommodate a wide range of skill levels, making it an enjoyable experience even for those just beginning. Shaped in large part as a lush green strip running almost the length of a large village, the creatively shaped course hosts rolling greens situated firmly in the middle of a truly awe-inspiring natural scene.

Clubhouses galore

Photo courtesy of All Square Golf
Those looking for more than just golf will also find what they're looking for. Since 1953, Paradise Valley Country Club has been hosting the community's most discerning members of Scottsdale. The traditional and invitation-only club is nestled in the comfortable and picturesque Paradise Hills area, flanked by the regal Camelback peak and McDowell Mountains. You and your family will find something for everyone at the Paradise Valley Country Club, which hosts a variety of amenities, including golf and tennis, as well as a finely maintained fitness center complete with a large outdoor swimming pool. After you've gotten your blood circulating to your heart's content, you and your closest confidants can enjoy fine dining and any number of social engagements that Paradise Valley hosts throughout the year, including weddings, youth groups, corporate retreats, and only the finest dining in their elaborate banquet hall.

Dining with style

To be sure, Paradise Valley wouldn't be complete without its share of finer retail establishments and, most especially, its exquisite fine dining options. In the heart of the Scottsdale Fashion Square, shoppers love settling down at Fogo de Chão Brazillian Steakhouse, where fire-roasted meats are prepared to perfection according to the authentic churrasco grilling tradition of Southern Brazil. Fogo de Chão delights up to 300 Paradise Valley residents at a time with all-day happy hour and countless mouth-watering South American delicacies with a continually rotating menu.

For a more hometown flair, Paradise Valley locals make the rounds at Village Tavern. With an assortment of styles, their endlessly diverse menu has something for everyone – from those seeking no-holds-barred comfort food to those following restricted diets alike. Their extremely well-stocked bar lives up to the "tavern" portion of the name, and the atmosphere is so welcoming you'll lose track of time while you bask in each other's good cheer.
Photo courtesy of When In Your State
Those looking for something truly special can find countless great options to make their next date night or celebration dinner something to remember. Located in the Hotel Valley Ho, ZuZu serves up artful cocktails alongside expertly crafted dishes from their executive chef in a location that feels much less like a restaurant and more of an extended lounge. Consider also the extremely popular Cafe Monarch, named as a Top Three Fine Dining Restaurant in the Nation by Trip Advisor. The elegant, wedding-style dining hall will instill the highest touch of class as you and your loved one enjoy the tranquility of the courtyard. Even the most sophisticated palates will find something worth raving about after partaking in their four-course prix fixe menu.

Live in paradise

This is just a small sampling of the taste of paradise that awaits you in the pristine Scottsdale community. As part of the RE/MAX Fine Properties brand, Roger Banning has been committed to using his business management skills and finely honed negotiation talents to advocate for the highest needs of his clients. With equal parts artistry and technical prowess, Roger continually meets and exceeds his clientele's expectations. Get in touch with Roger Banning at (602) 326-6740, and share your vision of the Paradise Valley lifestyle and the property you've been dreaming about. Without relent, our award-winning real estate firm will seek out the Paradise Valley estates and mansions of your dreams and advocate for you until the keys to your new luxury estate rest firmly in the palm of your hand.

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